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To Be a Network Administrator
By Doug Chick

How to build a cheap Security NOC
The Differences between End-users and African Mountain Gorillas

Things a Network Admin can do with a of mad bees, a jar of honey and a 9 pound ping hammer 

There are No Hugs
 for a Network Admin
The Network Admins Survival Guide

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Flame Warriors

How to Install your Software

What If Dr. Seuss Wrote Technical Documentation?

The Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer 

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IT Wisdom: "One of the greatest things about having a computer job is; someone pays you to obtain enough experience to find a better one." --Douglas Chick

Feature Article

OS wars -- Windows Mac OS Linux

Modern OS Warfare… from the Front Lines.
By William M. Nett

It's 2012, the year of the Mayan End of Days. It’s supposed to be the end of the world, mass mayhem, cats and dogs living together, and cockroaches taking over the planet. Since Judge Kimball passed the gavel which sunk SCO in 2007, you could almost immediately hear Richard Stallman shouting, “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!” or in his low toned Mr. Burns voice calling to, “Release the hounds.”



Douglas Chick

It took me some time to realize that all my complaining about the outsourcing of American jobs was a waste of time. I was never angry at China or India; I was frustrated with my own people. My position has not changed, but I have accepted that the world has, and the United States is apart of the Global market that will never go back to the way it was.



 Ip Virtual Private Networks

Facts about Facebook: Social Networking 101
Douglas Chick



MongoDB is the new MySQL
Joseph Ritchey
Watched out MySQL. MongoDB is here and it is after your blogs. If you have not heard of it yet MongoDB is is an open source, scalable, high-performance, schema-free, document-oriented database. What MongoDB is designed for is problems without heavy transactional requirements that aren't easily solved by traditional RDBMSs, including problems that require databases to span many servers. What this means is MongoDB does not have a table structure like MySQL. You do not have to design your database schema before




Cyber World War 3
Douglas Chick

Cyber War

Einstein said: “I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”
The State Department says that their network is attacked 50,000 times a day; which is probably 40,000 times less than the rest of our networks. Cyber World War 3 began the day the Internet was extended to the rest of the world. The Department of Defense, or ARPANET, Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, created the Internet based on designs by Lawrence Roberts, of the Lincoln Laboratory, to use for advanced communications during war time. Somewhere shortly after and I’m guessing; war didn’t come around fast enough and this network was released as the Internet—and it was on.


Top Tools for Virus Removal
Douglas Chick


Virus Removal Tools

As a network administrator, helpdesk tech, or other computer professional, you don't remove that many viruses. Most company networks are secure enough that viruses are not really an issue. The issue is when friends, family and people from work get viruses in their home computers. There are so many request for virus removal that it is easy to be desensitized. I am as guilty as anyone when someone asks for help and I tell them they should take their computer to the Geek Squad, or Nerd Herd. There are literally thousands of viruses, and unless you are a professional virus expert it is impossible to keep up with all the removals. So, listed below are some popular virus removal tools and programs.

IT Wisdom: If I lose the familiarity of an operating system because the newest version changed its graphical interface, then I may as well learn a new operation system that isn't so easily infatuated by viruses. --Douglas Chick

Mean Computer Users
Douglas Chick

Mean Computer UsersI think working in an IT department can be compared to working in a hospital emergency room; people come see you when they are pain and angry, they want to fix it immediately, they don’t care about the others that you are helping, and they are rude. In an emergency room you can at least understand many people are in a crisis medical emergency; so why are computer users this way?



IT Wisdom: Reboot solves more issues than whiskey. --Douglas Chick

Social Networking Pandemic
Douglas Chick

Social networking pandemic
Social Networking sites are like STDs, or STDs are like Social Networking sites. Once you agree to accept someone into your site, you also accept everyone that person has ever been with, I mean accepted. There is:  FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, Linkedin, , Bego, Classmates, Badoo, Fixster, Flckr, Friendster, Fubar, Habbo, Tagged, Windows Live Spaces, BlackPlanet, and WhitePlanet, oh. I said Facebook already. And don’t forget Twitter! These are just a few examples out of hundreds.



I.T Department Weighed Down
Douglas Chick

There is a definite danger in being too proficient in your job, overlooking the obvious; updates, security patches, extended education, and that is you may never get a full staff again. There are several options in preventing this, and I am not endorsing any of them, I’m just saying…




IT Wisdom: Rebooting a problem computer may fix it,  rebooting a problem computer user may cost you your freedom. --Douglas Chick

No More American Jobs...
Douglas Chick

I do not know how anyone could be surprised by this sudden recession/depression. Computer people began losing our jobs in the 2000 great overseas job migration. Certainly when millions of jobs are sent from one country to another, the economic ramifications are guaranteed. Greed and corruption has done to the United States what our enemies could have only dreamed. Who did this to America, and why? I think the question of "Who did this, and Why?" can be easily answered by following the money trail, and the easy of regulations that were implemented to protect us. ...but they failed.


How To Install VMware Server 2 On An Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop

VMwareAuthor: Falko Timme
This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install VMware Server 2 on an Ubuntu 8.04 desktop system. With VMware Server you can create and run guest operating systems ("virtual machines") such as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, etc. under a host operating system. This has the benefit that you can run multiple operating systems on the same hardware which saves a lot of money, and you can move virtual machines from one VMware Server to the next one (or to a system that has the VMware Player which is also free).


Network AdminstratorA Computer Specialist or Generalist
Douglas Chick

There was a time in the I.T field when specializing in one area was ideal. For example an e-mail administrator only had to manage his or her mail server all day, and a router administrator only looked after the router, and SQL admin only worked on SQL. That was then…


IT Wisdom:
A serious career in IT is one with a bachelor’s degree in computers and a minor in psychology. --Douglas Chick

Holiday Geek Gifts

TOP 10 Geek Gifts

It is not always easy to find a holiday gift for the technologically gifted person in your life. Mostly I mean me. So this year, has put together the Top 10 Geek Gifts for the geek in your life.



The Human I.T Network
Douglas Chick

One of the key tools for an I.T professional during the arduous process of looking for a job is other I.T people.  In this financial and political climate of layoffs and overseas outsourcing, computer people are going to have to stick together, period.  The I.T manager hiring today, may be the I.T manager looking for a job tomorrow.



OS Review:
Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Hardy Heron

Will Nett
Uubuntu review -- Will NettOk, so anyone who knows me knows that I already head a secret society in Linux... well actually not, but I'm a big fan of it anyways, and use it in my everyday computers.  Having returned from a six week stay in Italy and England, I with baited breath downloaded the latest release of Ubuntu (Version 8.04) and after four failed attempts finally got an error free copy. Apparently, I wasn't the only one    hitting their servers for the download a few thousand others were hitting the servers pretty hard. I headed off in my venture for an install-fest...




www.TheNetworkAdministrator.comLinux adaptation problem:
Will Nett

I've been reading of the many lamentations of writers touting the lack of Linux adaptation on the desktop. Most of it I view as whining, but still I'll entertain your arguments...



Top 10 Count Down
Saving Money in a Recession
Douglas Chick

Top 10 Count Down on how to save money during hard economic times.



Gadgets10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets
Will Nett

So, I'm surfing Digg and woe and behold a link for another top ten list called the 10 Great Snake-Oil Gsadgets (with pics), and after perusing the list... well, I had to call BS flag. Who makes the top ten list? Which panel judges these lists? Who submits these items for consideration?


Geek Recruiters
Top 10 tips for technology recruiters from a geek's perspective!
Will Nett
Ok, so I've been interviewed this month several times for various positions. This prompted me to come up with my top ten clues for recruiters (internally & externally) to effectively hire geeks.





A Day In the Life of a Network Architect
By an Evil Network Architect
Here is a comprehensive  description of the average day of a networker…well, you know.

The Secret Life of E-mail
Dean Chafee
Here is a comprehensive list of the exhausting travels of an email message. 


Disappointed in SuSE
William M. Nett
Open SuSE 10.1 was a bust as is their commercial package, SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, or SLED as its more commonly known. Granted the introduction of a supported Citrix client in SLED is welcomed...

Remembering Passwords
How To Fix Your Memory for Passwords
Dean Chafee
One of the biggest problems that Network Administrators face, is dealing with user passwords. Actually, getting users to use a complex password, rotate it on a regular basis, and remember their passwords. The challenge is that in order to conform to network security policies in most companies with any sizeable network, password usage rules must be enforced on users. Rules like:

Computer Tricks
Repairing Your Computer with Magic?
Douglas Chick

In my career as a network administrator, I have noticed some most peculiar behavior from people when I comes to fixing their computer. Some will open and close the printer tray 3 times before printing.

Windows Vista
Douglas Chick
Windows Vista

is taking longer to come out than Lance Bass from Insync
. And I think the delay is a good thing...I mean for Windows Vista.


hard drive encryption / TheNetworkAdministrator.comHiding Your Files Made Easy
Joseph Ritchey
if you have important, or personal files that need to be protected? Would you hide them , encrypt them, or just stash them under your bed?



Without Internet Neutrality
Douglas Chick
Cable and Phone Companies are asking Congress for a piece of the Internet  Video / Phone action. And Congress has passed a bill for just that.

An Interview with Linus Torvalds
by William Nett
So what's going on with Linux and Linus these days? There are a lot of people who are asking, with yet another delay of Microsoft's Vista. Linux could emerge a victor in this voracious vindication for valor with the votive that there is value in the virtues of running Linux.


Adware / Spyware Extortion
by Douglas Chick

There are innumerable reports of Adware and Spyware removal programs suddenly appearing on someone’s computer and asking for a fee to remove the viruses it has suddenly discovered. Click HERE to download Video


LimewireLimewire Hackers
by Douglas Chick
Limewire may be a convenient tool for downloading shared music and files, but it can also reveal your personal files. In the attached video, Network Administrator Joe Ritchey, showed Fox News reporter David Martin how Limewire users make themselves vulnerable to hackers.


wardrivingWireless Hacking --War Driving
by Douglas Chick
Wireless hacking, or "Wardriving" is when someone from outside your home accesses your wireless network. The dangers of having a non-secure wireless access-point are: Spammers and send junk mail from your home, hackers and criminals can hack remote locations that are tracked back to your home...


by William Nett
There’s been a lot of buzz going on lately about the bold step that Apple has taken by utilizing X86 Architecture for its computer systems. There is even a new plug-in that allows users to install Windows XP, Linux, and even flat out Solaris Unix on their hardware! 

The Next Big Thing: Just-In-Time Data Warehouses
By Greg Bromage
It’s rare when the IT industry lags behind the other, more traditional business models. But one such case has occurred, and it provides an opportunity for business to save millions of dollars of needed expense.


High Jacking Long Distance
By Dell Crill
Tele-Systems Engineer
CRC IT Consulting Services

Today hacking into a main frame computer, stealing an identity or spamming email accounts is an everyday practice for most computer savvy criminals. There is another breed of hackers out there that do nothing but break into Telecom systems and hijack Long Distance dial tones.


Press Release: Hacking the IT Cube:
The Information Technology Survival Guide.

Hacking The IT Cube is a book with a unique insight into the world of information technologies. It mixes humor with everyday real world experience that all other computer books desperately need.


Network CertificationsCertification Smart?
William Nett
This article by William Nett, a network administrator in South Florida, compares the network certification differences between network operating systems based from his everyday experience. 


Help Desk Management Software
Douglas Chick
Frequently I receive e-mail from overwhelmed IT people that complain they spend too much time putting out fires and have no time to perform their normal duties. Some of these are a result of being understaffed, but in most cases it is because the computer users are managing your time.


6 Sounds Made by a Crashing Hard drive
sounds made by a crashed hard driveQuestion?: My hard drive is experiencing some strange noises, and I am unsure if the drive is failing. How can I determine if the noises are due to a failing hard drive? Click Here to listen to 6 sound waves made by six different crashed hard drives.


Security with HashHASH, is not just for smokin'
Internet Security
Joseph Ritchey
A hash function H is a transformation that takes a variable-size input m and returns a fixed-size string, which is called the hash value h (that is, h = H(m)).


Port Knocking
  Joseph Ritchey
Back in the 20's there were Speak Easy's setup all over the US. People would go their to drink and dance, but mostly drink (due to prohibition). Lots of these clubs would have a large burly looking guy guard the door.


Router Security Tips
Douglas Chick
Reminded by the latest Cisco security alert, many network managers do not realize that their routers can be the jump point to attack. Router operating systems are just as vulnerable to hacker mischief as network operating systems. 


Network Security

Security Boss
Douglas Chick
Network security has become top priority for the tireless network administrator. Blocking the path of a potential virus or hacker can be the difference between working late for free, and going home. (Many computer people are paid by salary.) 


Why do people make viruses?
Douglas Chick
 It is interesting, with all the training and knowledge necessary in becoming an IT professional, the number one question I receive is; "Why do people make viruses?" This always makes me wonder if FBI profilers are ever asked; "Why does my computer have so many pop-up ads?"


Computer GeekTechno-Wizard or Geek
Douglas Chick
 Computer people are unique in that they have their own peculiarities, unlike others that work in technological fields, like engineers, or physics, they're just crazy. Computer people have an odd passion for computer hardware and software. Being passionate towards software is particularly peculiar because there is nothing tangible about software. (That is above the quantum level.) 

Job OutsourcingOff Shore Outsourcing, Riding a Wave of Question
Dell Crill
 Recently, I read an article about a company called SeaCode Inc. that put a bad taste in my mouth. It made me realize that without much effort you can just about sell any idea or gimmick these days. The firms vision is to provide off shore outsourced software design and development services for US based fortune 1000 companies. 

Guide to networking certifications  
Network CertificationsHere is a comprehensive list the most common network certifications for network professionals; including Cisco, Nortel, CompTIA, Enterasys, and ISC2. I withheld Microsoft's network certifications for another article.


Google Hacking Google SearchsAdvanced Google Searching (Google Hacking)
Douglas Chick Google is a powerful search engine that hackers often use it to find passwords, and confidential or sensitive documents that companies do not realize are even available to the public. Most computer people use Google, but do not know how to use all of its search parameters. The term "google hacking" is a method used by unscrupulous people to not only uncovers sensitive data, but also to expose web server vulnerabilities. Here I list several Google search parameters and examples.


End-User Soup
Douglas Chick
In the past, I've been pretty hard on end-users in some of my articles and I'm not sure all of them deserve to be bunched in together. This is why in my infinite wisdom I have taken it upon myself to create end-user categories. Starting with some of the smarter ones and working our way down to...well, lets just say those that are little computer challenged. 

Interview: Chris Pirillo
Tech TV,
Chris Pirillo, a former TechTV personality and creator of took the time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. 


Computer TermsComputer Terms and Comprehension 
Douglas Chick
The most difficult part of any computer support position is the misusage of computer terms as used by the computer professional and computer user. Listed here are computer terms and their corresponding meanings.   


Requiem for a Crashed Hard DriveRequiem for a Crashed Hard Drive
Douglas Chick
There is no drug or single event in the world that can make a computer person focus more clearly than when a server crashes. The mere act of a crashing hard drive, database or server component can temporarily raise one’s IQ as much as 50 points.


Top 10 things to know about network administrationTop 10 things to know about network administration Tom Lancaster
If you're just getting started in the networking field, you've got a lot to learn, and with the rate of changes in networking technology, you can expect to always have a lot to learn, but here are ten essential topics that you should concentrate on (and if you are not just getting started, here are some things to review)

Cisco Router Tips

Cisco Router Tips
Top 10 'show' Commands
Tom Lancaster
One of the most important abilities a network administrator can have is the know-how to get information out of his network devices so he can find out what's going on with the network. In most networks, the staple of information gathering has been the "show" commands. Here are my top ten commands to know and love:

Top Network Administrator ToolsTop Network Administrator Tools
Here are some of the top networking tools for sniffing out, scanning, and finding hidden processes, as well as rootkits for 2005 as listed by 

Steel Bolt HackingSteel Bolt Hacking, Ranks #7 Top Ten Best Sellers List --Douglas Chick
I am proud to report that my book, Steel Bolt Hacking, was rank #7 on Best Sellers List on September 16th, 2004. It has since dropped out of the top ten but...

Interview with Rob MaldaInterview
Interview with Rob Malda
Creator of Slashdot
Most computer people already know what is, but many do not know the man behind it. Rob Malda is the man that founded and is still around today to help maintain it. Slashdot was founded in 1997 and like the name implies, Slashdot started as a Linux form and has evolved into one of the largest tech news sites on the Internet. Rob took some time from his still busy schedule to answer a few questions for

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