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2003 Critical Security Updates
by Douglas Chick

My entire body shuttered when I read the announcement that Microsoft is going to release Windows 2003 Server. It makes me wonder if Windows 2003 derives its name from the amount of security updates that have already been installed before the software’s first release. I further read that 200 million or so dollars was put into 2003’s security. If I remember correctly, Windows 2000 Server was sold as the security driven server program. I like Windows 2000, but for the love of god! How many times a week is a person expected to update their servers with security patches? I hope Microsoft’s not telling their stockholders that computer managers around the world are trembling in quiet anticipation, with their company’s checkbooks in hand waiting for there to be another Windows Server release. As with many computer people, I think I’ll let the green network administrators bug test it first and might consider buying it later after a few service packs are introduced.

Microsoft described a public beta, or test, program involving the software as “the most significant customer preview program Microsoft has ever had.” About 561,000 people signed up for the software. I’d like to see the names on that list. I thought China only needed one copy and 1 billion writeable CD’s. My guess is that Windows 2003 isn’t anymore secure than its predecessor and the real money is in all of the support material that makes up a software releases secondary market. You know, books, certifications, and training centers… I just don’t see any seasoned network administrator rushing into his or her server room performing any upgrades. Because experience dictates that upgrades are bad, new installs are good. If you are a new network administrator, don’t let experience teach you that one.

There’s also the possibility that all of these “Security Issues” are for a greater purpose. For a long time now Microsoft and Sun Microsystems have been trying to warm people up to the idea of centralized servers housed at their locations and we access all of our data through a browser or dummy terminal. A colossal server that we would all attach to through a dummy emulation. This would take away any risk of attacks and viruses. This gigantic computer might be named MS Colossus, or Gates Gigantica or even Sun’s Super Nova. The ultimate extension of power, protection and penis…ah, you get the point. These days I’m just a little skeptical about, well everything.

So whether or not Windows 2003 will be a better piece of software than it’s predecessor will ultimately remain to be seen in the “Critical Security Updates” section of Microsoft’s website. 







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