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Asteroid wipes out dinosaurs but leaves record industry executives
Douglas Chick 

Just like the horse and buggy makers fought the transportation industry changing from the horse drawn carriage to the automobile, so is the music industry as it fights the futile battle of the CD-ROM. Horse buggy whips have been replaced with the gas peddle, CD players have been replaced with MP3 players, and music industry executives will be replaced with Internet shopping cart programs. Simply put; the cart is now pulling the horse. Or the market is being customer driven.

     The record industries latest endeavor to stop music CDs from being recorded is called nothing more than a speed bump. A Princeton graduate student said Monday that he has figured out a way to defeat new software intended to keep music CDs from being copied on a computer. The method is to hold down the Shift key during the initialization of the CD. This prevents the CD from loading a driver onto your computer thus allowing the CD to be copied. This preventive measure only works on Microsoft systems and has no affect on computer running Linux or older versions of Mac.

     The music industry has for so long been driven by greed and over priced CDs, that they’ve made it easy for people to justify stealing music. What’s worse is now recording artist is being robbed from both ends. Soon the board members of record companies will realize that company executives are too old to do business in today’s music market and will ultimately be replaced with younger more three dimensional thinkers. 

     Like my 11 year old daughter says: "It's a digital revolution baby, yeah!"



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