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A Letter From A Reader – Certification Smart, Experienced Challenged
By Douglas Chick

Hi Doug,

After reading your article’s I found it most helpful as I really hope to get a Job as a Network Administrator one day.
Although I know I'll have to start at the bottom and work my way up. I’ve worked full time since I left school and I’m know 22 years old, I’ve always wanted to work with computers since I got my first one when I was 9. So I've decided to do some ICS courses, which are sponsored by CompTIA.

* A+ Certification
* Network+ Certification

After doing these Two courses and passing the exams I plan to do a,
*Server+ Certification

But before I can do the third one I know I'll need at least one years experience as a PC Support/PC Technician.

What I wanted to ask you is do you know if the qualifications Ill get will be recognized by employers, is there any help you can give me.

Any response to my letter would be gratefully received.

Yours Thankfully

Mr. Mark C.


Dear Mark,

I've read where lions are born with 95 percent of all the knowledge that they will ever have and are only capable of adding 5 percent more from experience. The opposite of this is true for people, who must learn everything from experience and are born with very little instinctual knowledge. This is especially true for people that have repeated printer problems. Regardless of how much you prepare yourself for a job in computers, (College, night classes, certifications or self-studying.) you will still come to your first computer job knowing only 5 percent of what you should, the rest of what you will learn comes from pure gut wrenching, staying all weekend rebuilding a server, know that the cap locks are on experience.

Those that don’t have experience want it and those that do just want to forget it.

The number one question that I get from those seeking a career in computers is if they can get a computer job with no experience, and the good news is yes. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that everyone that has a job in computers right now was hired for their first job with absolutely no experience--Perhaps everyone that has ever had a job anywhere.

How much time you are willing to invest into learning will determine just what type of computer job you will get. A+ Certification and Network+ Certification may get you a helpdesk position. An MCSE and CCNP may get you a Network Analyst position somewhere. It also may get you a helpdesk job; it depends on the person and how much you can learn with no hands on experience because everyone’s different.

When looking for a job with no experience you are telling a potential employer that I have prepared myself as much as I can without having an actual job. And of course it wouldn’t hurt any to be sporting a The Network Administrator Pocket Protector too. No, I mean it. Buy a Network Administrator’s Pocket Protector.

As for what certifications are more recognized by an employer than others, I’ll give you the short list;

  1. Cisco
  2. Microsoft
  3. Unix
  4. Linux
  5. Network +

There are more, but no one really cares…There is one though. If you could get this certification you wouldn’t have to waste your time on the others. Go here and check out this Certification.




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