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Assessment of Windows 2003 
William M. Nett

Recently I attended the Microsoft 2003 server launch hosted by Microsoft in San Diego, California. During the keynotes, Chairman Bill Gates stated, "Server 2003 is security by design and security by default." Whoa! Wha? Did I just hear Microsoft claim security consciousness? "All code is looked over at least once."... Again, Mr. Gates.

Ok, Bill sounds like you've set a challenge, and thanks to your generosity of providing me with a free evaluation copy of your New OS, I've taken the liberty of examining your software and here's my findings;

1. 2003 must be very thorough it took 1.25 hours to format my hard-drive compared to Linux's haphazard 4.7 minutes. I'm sure you got rid of all the ugly data bits that conflict. 

2. Security by design and security by default must include some sort of honeypot mechanism. A simple scan of the default installation revealed more than eleven open ports on Win2003 server compared to my default Linux's installation, which revealed only three. If you could, would you
please tell me where these honeypot logs are? I have yet to find them. If you could help me find the Intrusion Detection logs, that would be equally be helpful.

The keynote presentation was amazing, Win 2003 with SQL runs so much faster than Linux with Oracle... Yeah! Um, but why not compare Win 2003 + SQL against Linux + MySQL? Additionally I noted that you said that every line of 2003 Server code is reviewed at least once by another developer Simply amazing, I guess your developers are much sharper than the scores of Linux developers whom needlessly and constantly review other Linux developer's code for weaknesses and potential improvements.

"MS 2003 server is backed by Microsoft, and people should find comfort in knowing that a single entity holds ownership and responsibility of this new OS." - Steve Ballmer. Now if one of your lawyers could please point me in the proper direction of finding this in your End User License Agreement, I'd me more than happy to convey that information off to my employer and purchasing manager.

"MS 2003 Server consolidates servers, do more with less." Indeed, this consolidation is just what my company needs. Instead of spending extra money on electricity, now I can freely spend more time on one server wondering where the hell all these attacks came from, with just a little bit of the company's budget consulting Microsoft on how to stop or prevent them hold on, be right back DNS is having issues?

In short 2003 server is just what the economy needs. With the newly required influx of skilled professionals trained in theoretical situations for this new environment blessed by Microsoft, combined with its closed circuit of hemp endorsing developers... Why should I choose anything else?
Thanks Bill I give MS 2003 server two fingers up!

William M. Nett



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