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War is the Last Bastion for Politicians
by Douglas Chick

The War Channel—All War All The Time

The war has given many politicians a breather; no questions about the economy, no answerability to government pensions that were invested into Enron, and no investigations into corporate corruption. And the news media is eating it up; the war is the best ratings they could possibly hope for. (Which always makes me wonder if tragedy increases the price for commercial airtime.) Watching the war is the ultimate reality programming. There is drama, suspense and “Shock and Awe”. What better to keep the little minds of this country focused on God, Country and Faith in our leaders? I am not immune to such mind manipulation myself—I’m glued to MSNBC and feel angry and sick every time I hear about a U.S. soldier being killed. My heart and hopes go to the troops and their families. These soldiers are not fighting for the American, Britain or the Australian government; they are fighting for their friends and families who are Americans and British and Australians. And these governments have a responsibility to not squander our children’s lives irresponsibly. I believe that the military leadership knows this and does their best not to forsake this trust, because their troops are as much their children as ours. It is the choices of those that have nothing to lose that scare the world—politicians!

I support the troops; American, British and Australian. We are very much alike and as a people and we come to each other’s side--right or wrong. This has never been tested as much as it has in these months. And it is as painful to hear that a British or Australian soldier is killed, as it is an American.  I also support any measure that supplies our troops with the resources they need to help keep them alive. Whether it is food, guns or bombs. And I also know that there is a humanitarian price to pay for this in lives, innocent or not, of the Iraqi people. But right or wrong, good or bad I remain a patriot of my people. I do however strongly resent the governments efforts to use my patriotism for their own political gains, and like the time that ticks away for the corrupt Iraqi government, the same measure will be used to flush out our own politicians.

And when this war is over, its my hope that all those guilty found cowering behind the brave young men and women that made the sacrifice for this country be held accountable. If not in the courts than in the election booths.

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