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Special Interest Groups Need More Media Ownership
Douglas Chick

The American “Media” has always, despite their claims of fair and unbiased reporting, been slanted to the political opinion of their owners. The liberal media has been replaced with the right wing media and now they are battling to get it back. The democrats lost because they lost control of the news agencies. The truth is no longer out there and as Bernie Sanders, one of the most progressive members of the US House of Representatives, said: "One of our best-kept secrets is the degree to which a handful of huge corporations control the flow of information in the US. Whether it is television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books or the Internet, a few giant conglomerates are determining what we see, hear and read. And the situation is likely to become much worse"

Recently I was contacted by a political spin agency asking about my banner rates to advertise on my site and how many visits I receive. This is not that uncommon as I receive the same e-mail every couple of months from similar groups asking the same questions. They don’t want to advertise; they want to know how many people my site reaches. Perhaps I have too much political undertone to the site, who knows? As much as I try to keep the site focused on computer related issues, but because the current political turbulence in this country has such a direct impact on computer jobs and technology I find it impossible to stay out of it. I’m not the only one concerned about the state of the union. I hear people in the checkout lines talking unemployment. In the barbershops they talk about the deficit and laws being passed that are the extreme opposite of what they are labeled. And I hear other parents talk in frightened voices about their sons and daughters being sent to the Middle East for reasons of questionable intent. More dreadfully are the whispers that are telling us that the worst is yet to come.

I sent e-mail to my congressman complaining about over sea’s outsourcing of the computer industry. Here is his reply:

When compared to many of our primary economic competitors, such as Britain, France and Germany, the United States has a relatively high corporate income tax (40%) and, unlike most of these competitors, does not provide relief for the double taxation of corporate income. Furthermore, higher taxes in the United States on the returns to corporate capital also inhibit the competitiveness of U.S based companies in foreign markets. With such a high tax burden to bear, it comes as little surprise that many corporations are attempting to cut costs by looking for cheaper labor abroad. Instead of punishing businesses for attempting to make a profit, I believe we should reduce their incentive to sacrifice American jobs by lowering corporate income taxes.

John L. Mica  
Member of Congress

Well John L. Mica, I hope that the America people don’t have to practice over seas outsourcing to get the type of representation that we want in Congress.

“The figures that have in the past hidden in the dark shadows are stepping into the light. They have shed their black cloaks and replaced them with American flags and are telling the people to trust their faith and leadership. Close your eyes and let us guide you. We know where you are going. I know where we are going too.”

--Douglas Chick

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