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Talk of Microsoft’s Impending Doom
Douglas Chick

There is more talk about Microsoft’s impending doom at the start of this year than their 2003 product line. Every online news site is inundated with one lawsuit after another, Microsoft settles suits for $1.1 billion, and Microsoft not let off legal hook, and Microsoft's Dividend Signals a New Era, and Stocks Fall on Microsoft, IBM Outlooks , and Time To Stop the Microsoft Merry-Go-Round, Microsoft Falls on Lower Sales, Profit View , Company Forecasts Expected to Be Dim these are but a few headlines of so many I had to choose from. 
Competitors seem to be behind much of Microsoft's lawsuits, as their own companies software sales suffer and their stocks dip below a dollar, many of these company's lawsuits have more value than the product they sell. But Microsoft has fought off similar suits in the past and there's no reason to suggest this years courtroom drama's will be any different. Unless this is the year where there can be no more appeals, no more extensions, and all the pipers must be paid?  

If this is the year that the giant falls, many will say that Microsoft did it to themselves and time has ran out as do so many other companies that skate between the lines with blatant disregard. While others have been patiently quavering with quiet anticipation waiting for Microsoft to be subject to the fate of the gods. Personally speaking, I don't know why anyone would think that the most successful company in the world would fall to fate when so many other corporations have done far worse in terms of unethical business practices. Microsoft doesn't remanufacture petroleum that pollutes the earth. They do not addict children with the drugs found in cigarette tobacco. And they don't start wars to protect dwindling stock investments. In fact, if you look at what Microsoft does produce it is nothing more than intangible electronic digitry. Their product isn't real, you cannot even touch it. My guess is that they also do not line politicians pockets and that's why you don't see congressmen standing in support as they have in the past with tobacco companies. 

Is Microsoft guilty of all which they are accused, I'm sure that they are and more. But will the company get what they deserve? What do they deserve that any other corporation in the country doesn't?



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