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What are you doing to save your JOB?
Douglas Chick

The government is doing little to protect your job from leaving the country to India. In fact, they are giving every indication of helping you become unemployed, but why? One congressman told me that he supports overseas outsourcing because corporate taxes are so high companies canít compete with countries that do practice overseas outsourcing. If this is the case, how will U.S companies complete with prison or slave labor. The  congressman said it in a way that suggested that high corporate taxes were the fault of the people. These people will never take the blame. Well I say to him that taxes on the people of this country are so high that we too are forced to seek overseas outsourcing in our leaders.

Here are but only a few Headlines

Outsourcing overseas draws heated debate in US -- Economic Times, India
Indian outsourcing 'saves US jobs'
Will export of tech jobs cripple US industry -- Austin American Statesman
Convergys looks overseas for job growth
Labor market continues lag
-- Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA 
Rain on Seattle's tech parade
-- Austin American Statesman, TX
Stream jobs flow overseas
-- Montana Forum, Montana 
IT Execs Mull Outsourcing
-- Information Week 
Passage to India
-- Rocky Mountain News
may doom future IT careers
Survey: Outsourcing may hit IT careers
-- BusinessWeek 
Offshore IT outsourcing targeted by critics
Counting the cost of outsourcing overseas: save now, pay later
--The Age, Australia
Microsoft shifting to India more customer-support jobs
-- San Jose Mercury News, CA
EDS to cut 2700 jobs in the US, overseas
-- Lansing State Journal,

       The tech industry in the U.S. is vanishing, and itís not just the phone support positions. It is the software programmers, hardware and engineering position. Congress has even made way for overseas workers to come in to this country and replace jobs. Iíve even seen articles on the Internet stating that overseas outsourcing will save American jobs. We are all in danger of losing our jobs and if we donít act now it may be too late.

     How? The network administratorís and IT Directors have the power of the purchase order. The only way to send a clear message to these companies that use overseas outsourcing is to STOP buying their products, STOP using the services and STOP giving them your companyís money and tell them why you wonít buy from them again. Who are the offenders, you already know. I have a running list of companies that use overseas replacement workers. You should too. What about those computer people that donít have the power of the purchase order? Then you need to register to vote and un-seat the politicians that are responsible for this. You may not have much time left.



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