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Parents Sue School District over WiFi in Classrooms
Erik Hansen

A Chicago Suburb school district is being sued by parents claiming that their children are being harmed by wireless networks present in the schools.  Have these parents been living under rocks for the last 10 years or can they just not read?

     The school has set up these networks because of the growing use of the internet for research by students in classes.  The students use carts of laptops distributed daily in the classroom for interactive lessons and studying, all supervised by teachers. 

     These problem parents have been told repeatedly on how there are over 30 million wireless networks worldwide, and how WiFi networks run on the same frequency as wireless home phones, and have 1/13th the power of cordless phones.  They are seeking a class action status for their lawsuit to stop all wireless networks in schools.  Apparently they didnít see the case about the obese children suing McDonalds for making them get fat, because this is just as idiotic.

     It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people are in this world, and then I feel good knowing that Iím not one of them.  I just wish we could revoke their voting right; we are all familiar with what happens when they are allowed to vote.



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