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William Nett

Greed: (noun) An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. This is the reason that companies are outsourcing overseas... let me tell you folks, this is not conducive to the US economy, and for that matter customer service. Remember when commercial industrialization moved overseas because "Pharmaceuticals, motor vehicles, and electronics would be more affordable?"

Yes, they were more affordable... because they needed to be. Thousands of Americans lost their jobs to countries like China, Mexico, and Japan. Fat cats in board executive positions did this so they could keep their multi-million dollar houses and wives... though they had little or no knowledge of what their company really did. The dedicated blue and white collar worker got screwed.

Back in the mid-1900's America saw itself losing money and jobs to foreign nations from such commodities as textiles, ore, and fossil fuels. As a result, we came up with this little thing called a tariff tax. Like many policies, this has not been revised for quite some time. Why? Peso-nality, golden rule, economic advantage... basically, "greed."

If you want to put an end to makeup wearing CEOs $50,000,000.00/yr salaries, then make these outsourcing companies accountable for lost American jobs. Increasing taxes to indigenous citizens while outsourcing jobs is biting the very hand that fed you. The only resolve here is tariff taxation of outsourced resources. Yes, employers complain that overseas technicians are more educated... and to those companies, I ask, "How much investment have you placed in your US employees in the last five years?"

Tax the rich! Hold your position! Now I do not recommend aliasing out your administrative scripts to the point that Apu will never be able to understand your dialogs, and nor do I recommend that you hide logic bombs or trojans, take a moment if you will and inform your employer that you understand and are compassionate about your company's success goals, but ensure them that only you can do "your" job... after all, they did the same to the board.

While Dick went to confuse the board on it's projected earnings, you diligently did your best to ensure that the latest worm would not affect your company's resources. He got a $5,000,000.00 bonus... and you, got to keep your job? Remember the logistics managers are a part of the (L) users group. Seldom if ever do they understand the toil you go through day-to-day, and they remind you that they could replace you in a heartbeat... unless of course? If you don't believe me, then please feel free to press 5, 7, 2, 9, #, 4, and 1, at the sound of the tone... followed by your pin number, company number, and SLA number... followed by the # sign. We'll get back to you as soon as a rep is available...





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