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The Top Ten Reasons To Be A Network Administrator
by Reno Laskey


All too often this site tends to become a wash of end-user negativity. Granted many of us derive much humor from it... never the less its negativity over our jobs. Talking to network admins sometimes you'd start to get the feeling that surely a communist dictator placed us in these horrid jobs and forced us to suffer a lifetime of end-user dribble. Or that surely the dimension we live in is populated by total and complete idiots that are so stupid as to believe they don't work for a money making corporation but instead must be exhibits at the zoo, and we are the zoo watchmen type people or whatever they are "officially" called. Or the idea that being a network administrator is just too demanding for the average human being, and surely genetically engineered aliens and Indians must be brought in to handle these jobs.

Now I'm not saying any of that is a falsehood. Certainly I do feel to be in a certain dimension apart from that of my end-users, I've come to the conclusion that I must not be human but instead part of some government conspiracy to raise individuals capable of building and designing such complex torture machines (PC's, networks, enterprise apps, db apps, etc.. etc...) as to enslave humanity forever thus serving the goals of our Orion Belt masters, as my next door neighbor would believe. But the point of this article isn't to focus on that aspect of the job. What I intend to present to you here is why you would WANT to be a network administrator in the first place. So now presenting live to you and yours is the Top Ten Reasons to be a Network Administrator not necessarily presented in any particular order.

10. Hundreds of LED lights, the sound of dozens of fans, in a cold  room is very relaxing.  

9. It pays better than most jobs.

8. If you like to play with stuff that plugs into a wall this job is definitely for you.

7. It's about as close as you will get to being the chief engineer on Star Trek in this decade.

6. If your a video game junkie being a network admin can be a nice side job. :)

5. Become part of an unofficial international Chinese relations team.

4. Have access to more free porn than any human being ought to be allowed.

3. Get paid to browse the internet all day long in the interest of hmm......research....or education...or whatever. :)

2. Get firsthand psychology/sociology training/experience as a BONUS.

1. The thrill of the network crashing, everyone in the company looking to you for the answer, then some hours later fixing the company wide problem and becoming the HERO of the day. Quite arguably also the most stressful thing a network admin can go through but at the same time the pressure, challenge of the situation can be quite invigorating. :)



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