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The Battle of the Engineers

by Doug Chick

There is a battle being fought around this world that very few people have ever heard of. It’s not fought over boundaries, religion, or even political ideology; it is the battle over whether or not network certified individuals have the right to refer to themselves as Engineers. An example of this would be: Microsoft Certified System Engineers, or Cisco Engineers or Netware…and so on. And there are a lot of Engineers out there that are down right upset, if not enraged. I’ve read an article that in Canada; charges can actually be filed against computer people that use this title on their certifications. These blokes are serious.

And I can understand why these people are upset I just don’t care. Loosen up Pointexters! No one’s going to take away your pocket protector. Computer people don't even use pens.

Most computer people are referred to as computer gods, not a network engineers. But because Certified Network God scares the faith-based portion of our population, (dumb-ass end-user) it is necessary to disguise ourselves with lesser titles such as engineers. This allows us to work among the general population without frightening them. So if you could just be a little more tolerant, then the next time that your hard drive becomes a quantum singularity from gravitational density of all the animal porn that you downloaded, and your monitor becomes the event horizon and doesn't allow light to escape, we might just fix it without having to alert the entire company where you work just what a pathetic lonely anal porn monger you really are. Well, except for other Certified Network Gods that are in constant contact with each other.

So, Sanitation Engineer, Domestic Engineer, and Architectural Engineer—It’s all good.




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