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2003 Holy Crusades
Commentary by Doug Chick

When I read Arthur C Clark's 2001 Space Odyssey, as a young man, I envisioned the turn of the century as a great advancement to humankind, and for the most part has been. We have shuttles that make regular voyages to space. We have lasers and computers that can perform operations as delicate as brain surgery and we have satellites that can relay data, voice and television to a 42inch Plasma Screen monitor that will cost me a divorce if I even think about buying it. And we have weapons that can destroy entire continents. So how can it be that religious extremists whose brains are not capable of created even the smallest of technological wonders are in charge of the largest countries and the most dangerous weapons? I don't understand? 

As political borders come down religious ones quickly rise in their place. Faith based countries are beginning to emerge from around the world and as it once was in the past so will the violence be again. So as political leaders hammer flat the once round globes in their presidential offices, the sound of war drummers beat at a blacksmith's tempo. And once again Jews, Christians and Muslims are spilling blood over desert dirt that presents itself as being holy. How much death and destruction can such a small piece of real estate harvest? How can history repeat itself so many times?

The Religious World is Falling Down

Here are some examples that I found in the Headlines:

Muslim Religious Rioting:

More Catholic Child Rape:

Missionary Murdered:




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