Blessed are the Geeks, for they shall internet the earth

In defense of P2P...
John A DeVita

I wonder, who decided that all music, should be marketed by five firms.  I wonder, who decided that one radio network should own 80% of airwaves.  I am a THIEF.  I steal.  I steal television episodes right off the TV (I greedily get up during the commercials), and music straight out of my radio (I  selfishly change the channels during the commercials), and songs and digital music right out of P2P networks where me and other thieves congregate.  Worse of all I have yet to buy a single item from!!!  Behold I am evil!!!! (cue sinister music).

CD sales have declined drastically in past five years. (Though not at all when compared to the SP500).  CD prices have raised steadily at an average 7% for 13 years straight, that's a $hi7 load more than inflation, and their losing money in a recession?  Time for a witch hunt!  Get out your beta max busters (sledge hammers), and your cassette crashers (ball peen hammers) its time to take out those Free Society destroying P2P cappie redwhite'n'bluos ehhr I mean commie pinkos.  Whatever u do, be a good citizen, don't ask the FTC or the Attorney General to enforce democratically enacted legislation like the SHERMAN ACT, and other pro-capitalist anti-monopoly laws.  No we need anti-capitalist, socialized monopoly protection like the DMCA.  Our fair market rights are being infringed upon and P2P is the Boston tea party of the new generation.

In a capitalist society if you don't take advantage of the infrastructure you lose shitloads of money.  Record companies no longer have the easily destroyed, easily broken, uncopiable media, they had 13 years ago, wahhh waaahhh.

As for P2P being unsafe, and bad for a business environment, I couldn't agree more.  But then again so are most of the women I pick up in bars.  Most of them probably carry viruses, and are definitely not suitable for the company Christmas party. 

That being said P2P is bandwidth intensive, and delivers executable files of dubious origin.  I can tell you that in the environments I work in, their is mandatory corporate anti-virus software running on every PC, and Network monitoring tells me my bandwidth use at any given time.

I have identified traffic essential to my business and it is in a strict priority queue on my routers, meaning no matter what any peg leg enhanced, domesticated avianly friendly, vision impaired users I have, they can't take bandwidth from my critical applications.  They can not affect mission critical bandwidth.  However we will get suspicious when our monitoring software says Billy the technician is using a ton of the low priority bandwidth . 

We walk over to Billy and explain that his aquatically improved, parrot friendly, Captain Morgan(TM) induced "bandwidth orientation" does not meeting our acceptable use policy.  Company policy dictates that we show him our keen, beautifully crafted red exit sign hanging just above the back door.




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