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Software Companies need to remember that they were once Computer Geeks and not Day Traders.
By Doug Chick

I need an operating system that will help me do my job better. I donít need a software company ramming their latest financial investment down my throat. Iíve never before received so much e-mail, letters or phone calls from bugware companies wanting to sell me their latest disaster before their quarterly earnings report comes out. I you people would ask me what I want instead of telling me, I would say: I donít want a new operating system, I just want the one I have to be less buggy and more secure. (Click here to see my request 1000 times) You are making my job harder by forcing me to buy software that I do not want or need. Just as I almost have my network running smoothly you have to add, (or mix) another operating system to it. How can NT 4 be so incompatible with Windows 2000. How can Exchange 2000 look at Exchange 5.5 like it is an alien. I used to live in Redmond Washington and I remember when Microsoft used to ask computer people what they needed to help them do their jobs. Imagine how much more could be added to these companies bottom lines if they actually produce software that computer people needed. If your programmers know as much about the stock market as they do writing code, then I do not want your product. The stock market should not dictate the needs of a computer department. 



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