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by Doug Chick

There are many computer people out there that like to download hacker software they find on the Internet and are completely unaware that these free programs that they installing are actually backdoor programs that notify its creator a new system is ready for viewing. Even by simply looking at someone's website they can retrieve your IP Addresses, what operating system that you have and what commands your browser will accept. Click Here to see an Example. There is actually more information then that being logged when a site is visited,  but I am too lazy to name all of the types. A well read, seasoned administrator will configure his or her Internet Server to log activity for statistical and security reasons. How simple is it to log this information into a SQL database that will trigger the execution of a program to use this information to scan your computer for vulnerabilities? It is easier then you think. 

Life experience will tell you that nothing is without a price. Even something as free e-mail comes with a medium for advertisers and spammers. Although there are a lot of free software out there, you have to be suspicious and always on guard when installing it on your system. Always first asked yourself; Do I really need this program? If the answer is yes, then ask: Am I willing to format my computer and re-install? (Of course a busy computer geek is always reinstalling his or her computer.) The biggest question is: Why would anyone want me to have their software for free? Don't misunderstand me, most free software, with the exception of being buggy, has no more motivation than the creator wanting to share his or her passion. But when it comes to free hacker software, and just how high the demand from hacker want-to-be are, the solicitations are there. I have a network administrators hacker awareness section that receives 500 hits a day to the hacker tools page from those looking for free hacker tools. www.thenetworkadministrator.com/hackertools.htm I don't offer any free software, but I do list the names of what is available on the net at your own risk.  

The Internet is a wonderful medium for the exchange of information. More, I would say, than any ever before. We are no longer limited to the spin that our news media reports about local and world events. We can simply read the news from the vantage point of every country, and every witness that has access to a modem. But this free exchange of information may also be a Trojan horse. Remember the U.S. Government invented the Internet and gave it away for free. The Internet could very well be the most efficient monitoring tool ever devised for tracking and monitor not only information, but the mood of a people. But than again, I see a conspiracy in every thing.


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