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Kazaa, Infecting a Network Near You
By Erik Hansen

With Kazaa becoming more and more popular every day, it's only a matter of time before the record and movie industries have the p2p network shut down for good.  We computer people should hope this day comes sooner rather then later if we enjoy our smooth virus-free network at home and at work. 

The fact of the matter is Kazaa and other p2p file sharing networks are starting to become the new portal for viruses to enter into your home and work, disguising themselves as movies and mp3's.  Maybe you already know this, and maybe you are mister smarty-pants and have already blocked off
port 1214 at your router, thinking you have successfully stopped all co-workers and teenagers at home from using the evil network, wrong!  The program says it uses port 1214 but it actually uses any port open from 1024 to 6000, if 1214 is blocked off by default. Sneaky wouldn't you say?  That's
not the only thing the creators did right, they also learned from their successors, unlike napster, they don't have a central network portal that all transfers go through.  This is the main reason the movie and music industry is having such a tough time shutting kazaa down, no central nervous system to shut down.  Kazaa more resembles a terrorist network then a p2p program.

The media execs have found a new way to put an end to the thievery spreading the country; they have (and this is speculation because I too don't want to get sued) launched viruses throughout the kazaa network to spread fear and discontent through the veins of the network.  Kazaa has launched a
counter-strike releasing it's latest version of the program with anti-virus software built in.  This seems to have solved the problem, but I don't feel good enough about it to condone use of the program.  When you get down to it, using kazaa is like sitting in a dark alley at night shooting up with a dirty intervenes needle, you have no idea what you are going to get out of the deal.

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