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How many certifications before you are a MCTT? (Microsoft Certified Test Taker)
By Doug Chick 

Where is the line between having too many certifications and just enough? Does your resume give the impression that you have more experience in test taking than actual work experience? If this sounds like you than here's a quick test to see how you rank. Relax Poindexter...there's no test here. 

The fact is that many people are acquiring computer certifications without any experience, and quite frankly very little of the information learned to pass a test stays with you long enough to be useful in the real world. So why are so many people spending so much time and money trying to get as many certifications as they can? Because they are being lured in with the promise of high paying jobs with as much as a few computer certifications, and it's just not true. 

I'm wonder sometimes; what is the most computer certifications that you can have without discrediting your resume? There must be a formula that equates the number of certs, with actual work experience divided by your age, times the square root of all the brain dumps that you've lied about never going to. But if you have too many acronyms under your name, some might say that more than a mouthful is a waste...wait a minute, I think I said that wrong.