Why wouldnít Microsoft package itís own computer like Apple?

I Read an article by Phillip Smith that raised an interesting question; Why wouldnít Microsoft package itís own computer like Apple or Sun, and stop selling itís software to computer makers altogether?  Microsoft could agree that they created a market that made them a monopoly and to add balance to the industry they would stop selling their product to computer makers and only use it in their own systems. Necessity would demand that these computer makers produce their own operating system or simply cease to exist. This is the very foundation of natural selection. After all, thatís what we humans do the best. Our largest technological leaps forward have always been when we are forced to change. 

I imagine some companies would run towards Linux, IBM could finally get credit for their work with OS2 Warp, while others may already have an OS waiting in the wings. Of course the network administrators and other computer professionals are going to have a time of it, but we do now anyways. 

After all, computer makers are no more than assemblers and marketing groups. Most parts and development are done at the chip level and the computer assemblers are always at the mercy of the component makers. Computer companies offer the same machine with different brand names. If Microsoft produced their own hardware solution and stopped selling itís software to other computer makers, maybe then there would be more variety in operating systems, not by tying a companies hands. 

By Doug Chick