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Microsoft Back in Court
by Doug Chick

It is reported by that Microsoft is in the largest highest-stakes patent litigation lawsuit in history. InterTrust says its patents are being infringed upon every time Microsoft ships its Windows XP operating system; Office XP suite; Word 2002 word processor; Excel 2002 spreadsheet; Outlook 2002 e-mail client; PowerPoint 2002 slide presentation software; Windows Media Player; Xbox videogame console; Microsoft software for servers, mobile phones, pocket computers, and consumer electronics devices; and many of the components and tool kits that Microsoft now markets in connection with its most cutting-edge "bet the company" initiative: the networked computing and web-services platform known as .NET. My fingers are out of breath. The patent technology is called Digital Rights Management (DRM) 

The name of the company is InterTrust and it is all over something so-called trusted systems and digital rights management (DRM) 

DRM technologies enable secure transmission of valuable files--audio, video, or text--across digital networks. The technology and lawsuit is important enough that in November Sony and Philips offered to buy InterTrust for $453 million dollars. Many people are saying that InterTrust may accomplish what the inept federal government could not and that is hold Microsoft accountable for their actions. InterTrust is seeking an injunction barring distribution of about 85% of Microsoft's product line. 

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