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To Be a Network Administrator
By Doug Chick

How to build a cheap Security NOC
The Differences between End-users and African Mountain Gorillas

Things a Network Admin can do with a bucket of mad bees, a jar of honey and a 9 pound ping hammer 

There are No Hugs
 for a Network Admin
The Network Admins Survival Guide

More Just for Laughs

Flame Warriors

How to Install your Software

What If Dr. Seuss Wrote Technical Documentation?

The Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer 

A Message From The Record Industry



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Feature Article
Interview with Rob Malda
Creator of Slashdot
Interview with Rob MaldaMost computer people already know what is, but many do not know the man behind it. Rob Malda is the man that founded and is still around today to help maintain it. Slashdot was founded in 1997 and like the name implies, Slashdot started as a Linux form and has evolved into one of the largest tech news sites on the Internet. Rob took some time from his still busy schedule to answer a few questions for

Top 10 Viruses for August 2004
Top 10 VirusesCheck out the top 10 viruses for August 2004 as posted by Trend Micro. 

2004's Most Popular Viruses, and Hacking Tools
Douglas Chick 
2004's Most Popular Viruses, and Hacking ToolsHere are 2004's most popular hacker tools and viruses, Hackers and spammers use all the latest software security holes, worms and trojans to attack many businesses and trick Internet users into revealing their personal and financial information. These constant attacks on private and public systems have become more than just a nuisance, they’ve become an overwhelming financial burden, 10 billion dollars.

Self-aware printers and the environment
Greg Bromage
Self-aware printers and the environmentThis morning, I had to add more toner to one of our multi-functional copier/printer machines (I won't name the brand). This is usually a routine job, but my attention was drawn to a label on the box the toner came in: "Waste paper is used in the production of this box."

XP SP2: a Service Pack Too Late
Douglas Chick
XP SP2: a Service Pack Too LateMicrosoft operating systems certainly have taken a beaten when it comes to security. Can the software giant finally redeem itself with their long awaited SP2 for Windows XP, or will this be yet another security nightmare for the world’s already frustrated network administrators?

The Resourceful Network Administrator
Douglas Chick
The Resourceful Network Administrator I’m surprised by how often I’m asked by end-users what flat panel monitors are made of. My standard answer is; "The screen itself is made from stem cells harvested from China, while the panel housing is made from a space age plastic invented by NASA during the “Cold War”. I give this response for two very good reasons; 1. I’m obviously unbalanced and 2...

The Way Software Used To Be
Greg Merideth
The Way Software Used To BeMany years ago, my friends and I would use the Mirabilis ICQ application to perform casual chatting while at our separate locations.  It was a small program, taking up about 384k of memory.  It did one thing and it did it rather well, chat.

Should I become an astronaut, a firefighter, or a system administrator?
Are you at a career crossroads? Are you asking "Should I become an astronaut, a firefighter, or a system administrator?" Here is a handy comparison chart that may help you make your decision.

Internet Kiosk Scam
William Nett
Internet Kiosk Scam
Folks, you've seen the televised advertisements. "YOU TOO CAN MAKE MONEY!"... they've been around for decades if not a century. Companies are popping up everywhere advertising Internet and ATM Kiosks that you can buy with a minimum investment of a few thousand dollars. Once more, they'll even help you with product placement!

The Next Wave: Virtual ISPs
Rose By Any Other Name is Magenta
Noel Sibayan
The Next Wave: Virtual ISPs
Last time, I spoke to you about two ideas on eliminating spam (and possibly viruses). By having programmers develop a program that will limit emails (and web browsing) to the United States and maybe even down to individual states as well. The second idea of course is for ISPs to give consumers the option of receiving information via checkboxes, using dating portals as a model.

Overcoming the Linux DVD Hurdle
William Nett
Overcoming the Linux DVD HurdleFor many Linux Newbies... one big hurdle is playing DVDs. If you e-mail the developers, no doubt, you get flamed for being ignorant... so here is a simple solution, or "how-to" on playing DVDs with Linux..


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