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Layer 8 of the OSI Model, Company Politics
by Reno Laskey

1 1/2 years ago our maintenance shop asked for a way for the "computer" to tell them when they had to do 90 day inspections, DOT inspections, etc....Also we had about 6 different lists being maintained on the same equipment. Thus I put the database to work combined all that equipment information and came up with a really fancy report to give this guy...

6 months while I'm waiting for "user review" they finally come back out of nowhere and tell me "this report sucks". Now mind you this was no simple report to write, they asked for a lot of information and some very specific logic. I even had to bring in a consultant to finish off the report as some of it was beyond my immediate skill at the time. 

So after hearing them bitch and bitch for a couple more months. (At this point I'm not jumping on nothing for them, they are in the queue so to speak). Anyway I eventually write a new report, it's far more simplified than the other version. It gives less information, and doesn't utilize some niceties I built into the original report. Well so another 6 months go by, and yet again I hear this report sucks, apparently again it's too complicated. It contains an entire 4 columns yet too hard because it spits out 15 pages of data and after about a paragraph our maintenance supervisor just can't handle it. Now keep in mind originally I had explained that the only reason he got 15 pages of report was because all of the equipment maintenance information was outdated and needed to be updated. (still not done, or done on a as need basis.) Anyway they come back to me a couple weeks ago.... again same complaint report is too difficult to understand, and now he's involved the owner of the company. I kindly explain to him he's an idiot and the owner can suck my wanker... ermm... I mean I explained to him I've been patiently awaiting for the last 6 months for him to finally finish reviewing it. Already he starts backpedaling... I detected from the get go he had got an ass kicking and was looking for someone to pass the back to. Anyway after discussing it all with him I'm tasked to make a new report, which I do yesterday. Sadly I cannot cut down the report under 4 columns, although I did rework it, so it's a little simpler. (not really, in reality I just moved the columns around and called it a new report, believe it or not he won't notice)

Its also important to point out, that this particular supervisor is an oddity in this company, talking to him you soon realize this guy would be lucky to have finished high school. Yet in this company his job is very lucrative, he runs our maintenance shop with almost no reporting back to corporate, he just gives us figures. So he could be fucking us for a lot of cash and we'd not know the difference. Also we bought this guy a $50,000 Silverado recently. Not only did he pay $5,000 above MSRP, the truck is a total "blowjob". Although he is maintenance even with his old old 2001 35,000 mile truck he never hauled a god damn thing with it. Never even once had he used the pickup bed, or hell even take it out of the garage much. But yet he gets a new truck with big bad ass engine, off-road tires, and our company logo of course....?!?!?! Also he runs his own business on the side, I wouldn't really call it his own business though, essentially other than our own trucks, other people bring in they're equipment in too, he works on it and makes the money all to himself, even uses our own employees for it. But the company pays the bill and he makes the profit.....He also happens to do "odd" jobs for the owner of the company, thus why this special treatment I assume.... Did I also mention he almost gets us into a sexual harassment lawsuit about once a year, and has so far caused 2 employees to leave the company.... My only hope is that he does eventually get us into a lawsuit and i get his truck :)

So yeah I'm bitter.... 

BTW I can totally relate to your article had a very similar situation.... Except the user they wanted to go play with servers barely knew how to turn the one on his desk on. Hell this guy has a hard time using the phone, and they wanted him to be the designated server fixer.... ( I our main production system likes to take a dive on a regular basis.... about a 10 step process to get it going again, not exactly something you want a complete idiot from warehousing to work on. )

Yup this job is bliss... like when the barely educated 38 year old office bitch tries to tell you how computers really work ;) Sure lady I'm sure your 10 years of menial paperwork, and mindless memo emailing qualify you as an IT expert, and make my 15 years of experience working with these beasts specifically worthless. I guess in her former life IT taught her how to clear a print queue and now she thinks she's a guru or something. God damn she pisses me off, like on a monthly basis I end up having to argue with her, or have her write emails to my boss the CFO to confirm that I'm telling her the truth about her technical problems. Again I'm sure his 15 years of bean counting work has qualified him, who still continues to ask me why his network drives disappear (he forgets to put in password) is qualified to know whether or not I'm lying about the internet being down. She just can't seem to understand that when she visits a traffic flooded website and the page doesn't load properly that it doesn't mean "internet is down", or sometimes its "computer is broken won't load" But she doesn't buy it, she thinks I'm just sidestepping her. And that I don't want to help her fix this SINGLE website... Maybe I ought to use that "backend server guy" I don't know shit about your PC routine... I dunno...Probably doesn't work... eh?

MIS Slave Laborer or "MIS Director" when you ask :)