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The Information Highway can only support so many hitchhikers
by Doug Chick

Recently I did something I don't typically do; I e-mailed a website that offers ASP scripts, (free for the taking) thanking them for the use of their site. After all, I've gotten many a script from the site and thought this time I'd say thanks. Of course this isn't really my style to do such a thing and immediately I felt like a bit of a Nancy. It was almost like e-mailing all the record companies to all the MP3's one might have and saying, "Thanks for all the free music, Suckers!" Even though I do have specific reservations about record companies, See my article Filthy Middlemen, it still made me think that the Information Highway can only support so many hitchhikers before it closes down. 

Computer people more than any, are notorious for taking what they want on the net and complaining that it didn't come fast enough or they had to suffer through a popup ad that helped pay for this person's site. I hate ads, commercials, junk mail and everything uninvited, but these days it may be advertising dollars that are the only thing holding up the Internet. (I shiver in my geekedness to the thought.) My wife once asked me after watching me throw my clothes on the floor; "Whom do you think picks those up, washes them and hangs them back in the closet?" I replied, "The laundry fairy?" That statement cost me the next four years of doing my own laundry. If you ask someone who finances the Internet I doubt that the answer will be the Internet Fairy. Although, Iím sure that there are a few sites out there that have made those contributions.

Many people may think that their contribution to the Internet is the 19.99 a month unlimited ISP connection they pay, or DSL or Cable modem. Your Internet connection may grant you access to an all you eat buffet, but it certainly doesnít support or help pay for it. So, Iím going to try to keep that in mind during my late night looting of the Internets bounty of treasures. You know what I mean.