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The Birth of a New Generation of Tele-Data Professionals
by Dell Crill

As the technology and demand for Voice over Frame Telephony increases at and alarming rate many companies have turned to Telecom professionals for the integration of these systems. Until recently the thought of telephone and data forming a marriage was not recognized nor accepted by those in the IT profession. Telecom was always seen as a separate service, an entity that coexisted alone side of the computer technology field and its only purpose was to tie LANs together. Many of the large manufactures of VOIP and PBX systems are marketing new hardware and software that will allow the convergence of voice and data over internal network structure or the internet itself. These new Tele-Data systems are not your average network switch or router. They are complex telecom switches with data backbones. These new phone systems offer complete in one box solutions that give the owner an array of options and flexibility. This new technology is quite cost effective to implement compared to replacing an industry standard PBX . The implementations of these new hybrids require much skill in the telecom side of the house but also require the network knowledge of a seasoned IT professional. Thus, combining these skill requirements forms a new kind of jack of both trades position that has become increasingly sought after by large and small companies considering VOIP technology. The once irreplaceable DBA may find him or herself in need of Telecom systems training that will enable them to implement these new Tele-Data systems with out the added expense of hiring an out side vendor to install and maintain this equipment.  The DBA or Network Administrator that is not willing to get educated in this new evolving technology may find them selves without the newly required skills necessary to keep a once valuable position.  All IT professionals should be seeking further information in the VOIP and Data convergence market. Educating themselves on how to design and implement tele-data systems will only make them much more attractive to there employer. You have to ask yourself? Which one of these positions will your company require in the next five years?

Dell Crill

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