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No More Telemarketers--Look Out Spammers!
by Douglas Chick

President Bush signed into law a bill that will prevent Telemarketers from calling your house without permission. You simply place your name and phone number in The National “Do Not Call” Registry and it will be illegal for a telemarketer to call and an 11,000.00 penalty will be imposed to those that do call. 

The Direct Marketing Association, the trade group representing these Telemarketers, says that this new law will mean doom and gloom for its members. As appealing as this sounds, and I commend the President for signing this into law, I wonder if he realized that he just added to the rising unemployment rate. Even in doing good the poor guy hurts the economy. Perhaps he could have waited until the job market was a little better. Another down side to this is who will the elderly talk to? Haven’t these people suffered enough without having to lose the only persons willing to hear them babble? My 11 years old daughter depends on telemarketers to vent a little pre-puberty hostility. Not to mention the telemarketing on the west coast that call me at night, causing me to jump to the phone thinking it is an emergency. I’m not jittery enough these days.

There are some groups that are exempt from this new law: Charities, surveyors and political campaigns. These are the groups that I don’t want to hear from the most.  What is going to happen is; every new phone call is going to start out with a survey. “Do you need your Carpets cleaned?”

I’ve become so skeptical these days that I don’t even trust good news. I hope that it doesn’t take 50 years for the government to pass a “Do Not Spam” law.  

The National "Do Not Call" Registry Amendment to the Telemarketing Sales Rule

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has amended the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) to give consumers a choice about whether they want to receive most telemarketing calls. Consumers soon will be able to put their phone numbers on a national “do not call” registry. It will be illegal for most telemarketers to call a number listed on the registry.

In addition to establishing the national “do not call” registry, the amended TSR calls for other changes, including limiting abandoned calls, restricting unauthorized billing and requiring telemarketers to transmit Caller ID information.

This site has information for you – whether you’re a consumer interested in signing up for the national “do not call registry,” or a telemarketer or seller interested in learning more about your responsibilities under the amended TSR. This site will be updated with new information, including the initial date when registration will begin, a link to online registration, and expanded information for businesses. So check back often for all you need to know about the national “do not call” registry and the amended TSR.

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