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The Teletubby, Mac Conspiracy 
By Douglas Chick

I realize that there are a lot of people that place a great deal of value on the Mac, and I'm sure there is good cause. And it's not my intention to ridicule Mac's, Mac users or the people that work hard at designing their cases. I also realize that there are a lot of people out there that love the Teletubbys, and I certainly am not trying to generate any sort of hate mail from these individuals. Even though most of it would no doubt be written with a crayon with half the letters backwards. I also admit that I am most assuredly drawing conclusions that have no real merit or basis. And I will admit that sometimes I see conspiracies that simply do not exist. However, is it me or do end-users have an incredibly remarkable resemblance to Teletubbys. And if End-Users look like Teletubbys and act like Teletubbys then shouldn't they also be using Mac's instead of PC's? Wait—hear me out for a moment! Look at the picture and tell yourself, “Well, he does have a point. They do kind of look like that when I’m trying to show them how to undo whatever ridiculous thing that they swear happened by itself. And when I walk up to a group of them, they stop what they're doing and look at me like they're deer's and I'm the headlights." It's freaking you out now, isn't it? I knew it would. But there's more...



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