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They Say that your Operating system Sucks!
Douglas Chick

Most computer people are pretty agreeable when it comes to; they'd rather have more RAM than disk space,  Seven of Nine is the hottest female in the universe and flat panel monitors have been milking the monitor market for too long now.   However, what will stir up a heated debate of misused acronyms is which operating system is the best. And of course, who's the better Star Trek Captain.  Between Windows, Unix, Linux, Netware, Banyan Vines, and Mac they all have their places, ...and problems. Computer people are freaks when it comes to operating systems, they love and are highly offended if you even suggest that theirs may not be the best in the world. Well, listen up Dexter; to me, your operating system sucks. 

Windows sucks and is owned and operated by Satan. Everyone loves to hate Microsoft. Windows is a victim of its own popularity. (And of course some questionable business practices.) But it is still the most widely used operating system in the world. It's like Bill Clinton; yes he did all of those things and yet he still was re-elected? Why?

Linux is an over rated Commodore. Linux's popularity has to do with everything expect its usability. Most Linux users think that Linux is the last bastion of hope. I like Linux, but I question whether it will ever be a viable force in the marketplace. The reason being: For the Internet and computer market to stay strong, there has to be an exchange of money, no a lot of money.  If only computer people used the Internet, it would have to be government funded, as well as regulated. I hate Spam and commercials as well as the next people, but somewhere along the line you have to grow up and realize that the world is run on money and not good intentions. To live on principle alone, is to move in to your parent's basement and become a Linux Administrator. My point being; freeware is not going to drive computers into the future. Now calm yourselves little penguin heads, just because I question the word, doesn't mean that I'm a non believer. 

Netware is a victim of its own arrogance and Microsoft's marketing department. In my own estimates there are more Network Administrators now than when Netware held 80% of the server market. And most Network Admins
have never even seen a NLM, and are never likely to. In many peoples opinions, Netware lost out because it relied too much on its administrators loyalties and reasoned that head of companies would choose reliability cost savings. And of course, there was another entity, the infamous MCSE certifications. Somehow a Network Administrator that garnished an MCSE stood high above the others. I know because in those days I lived in Redmond WA, and was one of the first to jump on MCSE's bandwagon. In fact, I failed the first 3.5 test 4 times. (I'll take that bit out later.)  Perhaps it will one day make a strong come back. There are still a lot of Netware shops out there, but sadly I see Netware Administrators as being at the Alamo.

Banyan Vines is a victim of its own Marketing department. I use to work at a University that used Banyan Vines as the server software. I was hired to migrate the system to NT 3.51. The University didn't realize that there would be a cost associated with the Migration and changed their minds. Lucky for both of us because I found a better paying job a month later.

And Mac is good with graphics. Every company has at least one or two Mac's. They are typically used by people that are more peculiar that computer folk. The Art Department. If you have no experience with Mac's or artist, just learn the Chooser and find the number to the local Mac repair company. I say this because; it's easier than learning info that you'll forget the next
time that you need to look at a Mac again. As for artist, you're on you own.

Unix is of course the first and will most likely the last server operating system. Unix systems are nothing more than work horses and are typically found racked in Telco's and ISP's. A security company once came into the company where I was working, to evaluate our network. Their report to the CEO was that we were riddled with holes and it was recommended that we deploy a more secure Unix server for our firewall and websites, and they further recommended that their company administer it. Minutes after reading their report, I brought their system down, kept them down that week long enough that they never received a reply from the CEO of our company. Unix is a fine system, however sometimes I think that some Unix Administrators hold Unix on too high a pedestal. Even giants can be brought to their knees if too arrogant.  

I've worked with all the above systems and all have their advantages and disadvantages. I could find a good reason to work with every system, but when it gets down to it familiarity with a product will win every time. And the more familiar you are with a product the more likely you are to purchase it for your company. Perhaps, some of these software companies should catch a clue and train us for free.

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