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Why are we paying software companies to learn their software?
By Doug Chick

This is just a silly thing but; shouldn't software companies pay us to learn their software! I mean, why are we paying them to help sell their product, and is this practice too far embedded into stone that we can't turn it around? For now on, I think that I'm only going to purchase software, where it's sellers provide free training. Unfortunately, for it to work, one million others will have to do the same. I'll even dare say it if twenty people back me up. Well, maybe a little more. 

I went to Cisco Networkers workers two years ago, paid 1500.00 for them to try to sell me on their latest product. I felt like an idiot. 1500 dollars, and I paid them! Even timeshare companies give you something for just showing up and giving them the opportunity for them to sell you their wares. We're suckers! Okay, I'm a sucker, but I'm not the only one. Computer people are a force that if united would not be denied even the silliest request. Zena could be president if we wanted. (And I don't mean just America, the world baby.) We hold the knowledge of every corporation on the globe. When a software vendor visits us, they should bare gifts on velvet cushions. But what we do get is a hot shot salesman, with his token "Computer Expert" sidekick, and an attitude that if we're lucky, they might just let up purchase from them. 

How did this come about anyways. Computer people are among the most arrogant people in the world. Only second to convenient store employees. We are also among the brightest and yet we're paying them to sell their product, pay extra for support to debug for them. Hmm.



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