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Two Thirds of Spam Contains False Information??? 
by Douglas Chick

The Federal Trade Commission issued a finding this week that probably won't come as a shock to many computer users: Two-thirds of SPAM contains false information. Well gee whiz, there’s a news flash. “What, only two-thirds? Doesn’t all advertising lie?” I wonder which penis enlargement, sexual enhancement, Diet pill, Hair re-growth or Be Your Own Boss e-mail they are referring to? Spammers better be carefully their two-thirds numbers are dangerous approaching TV commercials and infomercials.

And yet this type of advertising wouldn’t exist if it weren’t affective. Someone’s buying something somewhere, otherwise why would these people be so persistent. If the Federal Trade Commission wanted to impress me they would issue a statement about how a new SPAM law stopped two-thirds of all fraudulent e-mail. But then again, look how long it took them the pass a bill against unsolicited phone calls, and even then you have to pay to get on the list not to be called.  


In Other Newz...

WASHINGTON (THA) -- The White House cybersecurity adviser, Howard Schmidt, is going back to work for Ebay.

Howard Schmidt, took over the job two months ago from Richard Clarke. Both men helped oversee the recent federal plan to secure cyberspace. Schmidt announced his resignation on April 21. During an interview with CNN on Thursday, Schmidt revealed that he will be returning to the private sector as eBay's chief security officer. The bitter Network Administrator believes that Schmidt left his job after discovering that all the cyber hacking was being done by the Home Land Security Agency.

Virginia Governor threatens spammers with jail

RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) -- Internet mavens who clog computers with massive volumes of unsolicited e-mail pitches now risk landing in prison and losing their riches under a tough Virginia law signed Tuesday.

Virginia Gov. Mark Warner makes remarks before a bill-signing event at America Online's corporate headquarters in Dulles. Warner a self made millionaire, gaining his riches from Tech trading before its collapse said technical filters and civil penalties have proven inadequate. In another surprise announcement, Warner said that he is drafting another bill that will ban MSN from selling internet access in Virginia, and another declaring CNN as the only news station to watch. 



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