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The Wizard of IZ
Douglas Chick

One of the women where I work brought her 7 year old daughter in last week and walked her around introducing her to everyone. I happened to be in front of my door when she introduced me and the little girl asked what I did. I pointed to the name and title on my door and said, I'm the Director of IS. (IZ) Both the little girl and her mother smiled, and of course there was that awkward silence that seems to follow me like alley cats would the village idiot. Seeing that it was too early in the day to reach my quota of being peculiar, I explained:

You've heard of the Wizard of Oz, right? She nodded yes. Well, I'm a lot like the Wizard of Oz. Remember the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, he didn't have a brain. There are many people that come to me because they have no brains. I try to make them smarter. But I usually give up and just tell them to reboot. And like the Tin Man, people come to me without a heart; demanding I stop what I'm doing immediately and help them. I show them that they do have a heart by making them cry. And like the Lion that had no courage, there are those that come to me without courage and ask for advice. And I tell them to buy a Mac. So, in many ways I'm like the Wizard of Oz. But my official title is The Director of IZ.

And as Mother and Daughter walked away I thought, there goes one more employee that will never again introduce a friend or family member to me. I truly am the Wizard of IS.



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