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Press Release: Hacking the IT Cube:
The Information Technology Survival Guide.

By Douglas Chick

Hacking The IT Cube is a book with a unique insight into the world of information technologies. It mixes humor with everyday real world experience that all other computer books desperately need. Douglas Chick, the author, is not only a seasoned computer technologist, but also the creator of the popular computer website, and author of Steel Bolt Hacking, and Top 10 Best Seller.

Hacking The IT Cube is a compilation of questions sent to Doug from his website. This book addresses issues not discussed in other computer books, like:


  • How much should a computer person make?

  • What do IT department managers look for in an applicant?

  • Getting a Job without experience?

  • Certifications verses Degrees?

  • What to expect when looking for a job?

  • Writing a resume?

  • A comprehensive list of IT positions.

  • Tools every computer person should have.

  • Managing your server room.

  • From Tech to manager.

  • The politics of a computer department.

  • Hacker / Anti-hacker tools.

  • What they don't tell you in college.

  • …and stories from the front line.

Hacking the IT Cube, is the computer person’s handbook / survival guide.


Hacking The IT Cube: The Information Technology Survival Guide -- Douglas Chick

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