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Internet Gone Wild
The Loss of Net Neutrality (Video at bottom of page)

Douglas Chick
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I'm already frustrated with Internet Service Providers and how they sign up customers, and then quickly dump them to the Internet wolves. But now with this new Net Neutrality issue pending in Washington, we need to turn off the Internet and start a new one.

Phone and Cable companies are desperately trying to save themselves from decades of bad business decisions, poor planning, and embezzlement, and they have lobbied fierily to have Congress pass a law that allows them to implement tolls on the Internet. In other words, they want a their own law passed that gives them the sworn right to charge Internet users, and website owners, more money for certain, more popular websites, and they got it too.

What I think the real issue is that, Internet users are downloading more video and using Internet phone services, and the phone and cable companies have monopolized the market for so long, they want in on the action. And the only way to get it is a law that will allow them to double-dip from their customer base. They want to charge an extra price to people that use phone and video's on the Internet. A tax of sorts.

With gas prices and other economic abuses, people are looking for some financial relief and one way of doing it is by turning to the Internet for cheaper movies and phone. This is a severe threat to the so called utilities.  And if you can't do business in a fare market, the only thing left is to have to government cut you in on the action.

The Internet is already suffering terribly from hacker attacks, viruses, and spam, but that also may be the cost of Internet freedom. However, once the government and communication companies are allowed to price manipulate certain types of data that is being downloaded, then they are reshaping bandwidth, and whether it is directly or indirectly it will have a dramatic effect on who's websites are seen and how often they are visited...or available to visit.

Phone and cable companies are already making great head way in having laws passed that ban Municipality's (Cities)  from putting up their own free wireless Internet access. Right now, cable, DSL and T1 line pricing is set, but the future is free wireless mess internet. Plainly put, if everyone connected their wireless access points together. There really would be no need for phone and cable companies. 




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