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The Official Guide to Hacking Web Servers

Listed below are techniques that took less then 1 minute to find on the net. These are basic tricks that you should know to help protect your network.

1. Getting information

Before you Hack a webpage you should get the propper information here's how you get it. Go to this webpage
http://www.internic.com tell them that you want to create a wbepage ( don't worry you won't be billed ok) put in the name of the webpage that you want to hack where it says put your webpage you want to make. It will then say something like sorry someone is useing this domain and give info about   them. Thier name thier address and thier e-mail address.. Now you know who your dealing with.

2. Methods of Hacking.. This is going to be a long stip of paragraphs choc full of methods of hacking so have fun.

1A. Hacking the FTP Method
Hacking The IT Cube: The Information Technology Survival Guide -- Douglas Chick
If you have Windows 95 go into Dos prompt ( Do this once you have connected to your ISP ) After that type in Open Blah.com (Blah.com = put the place you wanna hack) it will ask for a username press enter server will ask for password press enter at the prompt type "quote user ftp" then hit enter type "quote cwd ~root" then hit enter type "quote pass ftp" now once your in the system type "cd etc" hit enter then type "get passwd" and if that don't work type "get passwd."

2B.Getting a passwd file is pretty easy.Simply telnet into the servers FTP anonymously and look in the etc directory and get the file called Passwd then use Cracker Jack and decode the Pw. Another way to get them is to find your target and in a WWW browser type cgi-bin/phf?Qalias=x%0a/bin/cat%20/etc/passwd after the servers name. For example the name may be http://www.hackme.com/ , you would goto http://www.hackme.com/cgi-bin/phf?Qalias=x%0a/bin/cat%20/etc/passwd except instead of www.hackme.com you would replace that with your targets URL this may not work some times but lets just say 10 out of 100 sites will work... It did with Master P's webpage

Internic This is GBoZ's way of hacking a webpage it's called Scoial Engeneering what this means is sweat talk :) or Bull shitting. Anyway when you get the information from Internic in section 1. Get the users e-mail then obtain a anonymous mail program and a IP spoofer that way you can't get caught! IP Spoof first , then go to your Anon mail program and e-mail the man's page that your trying to hack the persons you should immitate is lets say InternicHost.net tell the mans webpage that your trying to hack that "Your webpage is casuing severe errors in our server change your password to "WXZPP3" immidately thanks" MAKE SURE TO USE PROPER GRAMMER AND PUNCUATION! That way it will look offical!

4B. If you run Linux or Unix use exploits or just ping the hell out of Hackme.com (Hackme.com = the place you wanna hack!)

Ok well it wasn't that long but I hope this gave you some sort of insight.!